Blizzard of 2008



The snow started falling Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon there was 14 inches!  The wind 20-30 mph winds were drifting the snow into drifts 2 feet high in some places!  Let's hope Spring gets here fast!  In the meantime, the kids and the dog (Jake) really enjoyed playing out in the snow.  Some places, the snow was past Adam and Sarah's knees! 

 Our first steps out of the house in 2 days!

Snowy Sarah measuring the snow...13 inches!

Adam and Sarah have different opinions about the snow!

Sarah wants to know where the mail is and Adam is busy digging out the yard stick in a 19" drift.

Typical Jake stance in the snow

Jake sure knows how to have fun in the snow chasing his friend Lola.

Here, Adam is trying to walk in the 14 inches of snow

Our hero and neighbor, Mike, who plows our driveway every time it matter how much!

Playing in the snow.

3 very cold and wet snow monsters!

It was good to come inside and enjoy some chocolate milk.