Sarah enjoys riding horses.  And she's pretty good at it!

Here she is getting a lesson from Mom. Although she thinks she doesn't need lessons.

Saddled up for her very first trail ride on Lady

She has a very nice seat for a four year old.

Mom on Cricket and Sarah on Lady heading out on the trail!


The next set of pictures are of Sarah riding in an indoor arena with obstacles set up in it.  One of them was a mailbox with stuff in it.  There was also a tarp and a bridge, but we didn't get pictures of those.  The following were taken with our camera phone, so they are kind of blurry, but you get the idea.

Checking the mail

Getting the stuff out...

Closing the mailbox.  Way to go Sarah!


 Another trail ride with Lady.  Lady is our friend Dawn's horse.

This is trail riding at its finest!  Dawn usually rides a mule named you can see the ears in the picture!

Gotta love the EARS!