Obstacle course. 

There were 22 obstacles. 

Map of course

Start box

Log jumble

The balls in the water hole made it hard

Upright round bale holder

Poles in the shape of a "Z" you had to back thru.  This lady was awesome! Did the whole thing bareback


Teeter totter bridge

The "Waterfall" had Halloween streamers and garland

Elephant stand.  This person stood up on her horse after the competition.  Crazy, if you ask me.  But during the competition you had to have all 4 feet on it and pause for 1 second.

Elephant stand again

Most horses were terrified of the "sandbox".  It only had bedding in it.  I think it was the eyes of the lobster that freaked them out.

The "Pit".  About 4 feet deep.  Had to ride down and then up, then the dirt mound.  Was like a horsey rollercoaster! 

Coming out of the pit.  Wish I had a better picture.

Get the magazine out of the mailbox (no picture of the mailbox) and run like the wind to the trailer to load your horse.  Again, this lady was awesome...bareback!